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The Doctor is In.

Today, I am Dr. Joelle, and I am talking all about prescriptions, also known as at-home hair care. As a hairstylist, I educate my clients about what products I’m using and why. I’m never trying to sell anything just to make a commission. I recommend products because I actually care about the health and integrity of your hair. Wouldn’t you want your hair to look and feel as good as it does when you leave the salon? Then why buy cheap shampoos and conditioners that aren’t benefiting you? Hairstylists cringe at the thought of their clients using cheap products because most of them are made with cheap ingredients, aren’t color-safe, and give the hair a wax coating instead of working from the inside out. The wax coating is what makes you think that those shampoos and conditioners are actually making your hair soft and shiny when, in reality, they are just putting a mask over it.

When we go to the doctor, we tell them what’s wrong, and they prescribe something to fix it. Hairstylists do the same thing with your hair. We recommend each individual a personal and unique remedy of products that will restore the health of his or her hair and also will allow him/her to replicate what we did at home. Of course, I would also recommend treatments (you can read about those in my other blog). At Escape Salon, we use and sell Kevin Murphy, Alphaparf Milano, and Escape Beautifiers. Our Escape Beautifiers are more affordable because we exclusively create them to be sold in our salons. And because you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day, shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products should last you a good while. Switching up shampoos and conditioners should happen every few months since your hair gets used to the product, and it will no longer be as effective.

Balayage, highlights, and color aren’t cheap, so invest in good products and take care of your hair. Color fading is inevitable and annoying. At Escape Salon, we make custom-colored shampoos and conditioners. The concept of these can be compared to purple shampoo, but ours are specially customized for you and your hair color. When properly cared for, your color, even bright vivid colors, can last. For example, I would recommend checking out @ameliahairmakeup on Instagram. She has a post of rainbow-colored hair that shows what happens when the client listens to her advice and properly cares for her hair. Like I always say, “Your hair is something you wear every day; you should love it.”

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