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Hair Extensions Equals Hair Solutions

The first thing we think about when we hear the word “hair extensions “ we automatically think of spending thousands of dollars, having crazy long mermaid hair and spending all day in the salon. They only have to be like that if that’s what you want. They aren’t just hair extensions; they are hair SOLUTIONS.  Before we get started talking about the wide range of solutions hair extensions can provide let’s talk about what extensions I work with and why.

I am certified in hand tied weft hair extensions with Babe Hair Extensions. Babe is an ethical and transparent company that has a variety of hair extensions and colors. They are all remy, human hair. Which means there is no synthetic hair in the extension and the cuticle is pointed in the same direction it was when harvested from the scalp. With their method, we use a silicone bead to attach and sew in the hair wefts to the hair. A silicone bead makes a big difference because it stays in the hair without tugging and pulling. It also results in an easier process for both the client and stylist while installing and removing the extensions. The best part about hand-tied extensions is they aren’t as noticeable and (with proper care) will last longer than machine tied wefts.

So who are hand-tied extensions for? Almost everyone. The only people excluded from this type of extension are people with BOTH fine and thin hair. You can have thin or you can have fine but you cannot have both thin and fine hair. Unfortunately, your hair can’t support this form of extension.

So then what is the purpose of getting extensions? They are fantastic for people who want to add volume, length, pops of color, or have problematic areas. Typically “problematic areas” are the front panels of our hair. After years of highlights or coloring, our hair is prone to breakage and the front panels just don’t grow as much or as fast as we would like. So we can just pop one or two extensions in to help add length and volume back into your hair.

What is the installation process like? Just like any hair service a lot of it is situational. On average, just installing a normal set of hand-tied weft hair extensions, ranging from 2-4 hours. The client would come in for a consultation and we’d order the hair and book the next appointment for installation. The client would come in with clean, product-free hair and we’d install, blend, and style, then go over at-home hair care. The client would receive an at-home haircare kit as well.

How long do they last and is the hair reusable? It all depends on how well you take care of them at home. On average they last about 3-5 months until they need to be removed and reinstalled. Yes, we can reuse the wefts if they are in good condition; again, that all depends on how well they are taken care of at home. 

How much are extensions? This is also a situational subject. You will be paying for the hair and for installation. All depending on the outcome you want and the hair you have is how much it’ll be. I only use the highest grade of hair out there which is why I work with Babe. Cheap hair equals cheap results. This is an investment and with the proper care, they will be more than worth it.

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