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From Balayage to Babylights: What’s best for me?

If you have been paying any attention to what’s been happening on the hair scene in the last few years, you’ve probably heard terms like Balayage, Ombré, Shadow Root, Foilayage, Money Piece, Babylights, etc. Balayage is the buzzword of late and is a French word that literally means sweeping. For hair, Balayage is a technique whereby a lightener or hair color is painted onto the hair in a sweeping motion to create fluidity in the color that results in a soft blend with no harsh lines.

For many people, Balayage can be a low-maintenance, fashionable option, but for those of us who have those pesky gray hairs, Balayage may not be the best option if low maintenance is the goal. If you find yourself in this camp, opting for Babylights to diffuse depth close to the scalp may be a better choice. Babylights are very subtle, tiny highlights that can camouflage gray hairs effectively between salon visits while keeping you on point with the current fashion. For that pop of brightness framing your face, as seen on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, add in a Money Piece for a bit more pizazz!

These techniques can vary in how long your salon visit can take. “A few face-framing highlights might take only an hour, but a full balayage with a multi-dimensional effect can take as long as 3 hours or so,” says Matthew Burleigh of Escape Hair Salon. Pricing can vary accordingly depending on your length and density of hair as well as your desired result. It’s important to remember that whichever option you choose, maintenance will be necessary to keep your color fresh and your hair looking healthy. We recommend that our Balayage guests come in at least every eight weeks for a quick maintenance service we call a Tone, Treat, and Trim. This service includes a toning glaze, shine-enhancing deep treatment, and a light dusting trim to keep the hair looking and feeling shiny, silky, and vibrant.

Whether you opt for Balayage, Money Piece, Babylights, or a combination, your stylist can use these techniques to create a look that can help you achieve your hair goals now and into the summer.

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