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Andrea Gleason
Temecula Valley Nail Technician

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We're passionate about nails!

Let’s face it, every day our hands and feet take a beating. Work, sports, and the weather can all play havoc on how our hands and feet look, and feel. At our Temecula Valley salon, nail technician, Andrea Gleason is a pro at getting your hands and feet to look and feel their best with pampering and a gentle relaxing touch.

During Andrea’s manicures and pedicures, you’ll receive a relaxing massage of the hands or feet, which will help improve your blood circulation, joint mobility, and help you to de-stress. Some people tend to pick at their cuticles, leaving them dry, cracked and bleeding while under stress. Having great looking nails puts a smile on your face and decreases your level of stress.

Your chances of developing an infection or fungi is substantially reduced by having regular manicures and pedicures. Also, by removing the dead skin cells from your hands and feet, you’re encouraging the growth of new skin cells, thus leaving your nails stronger, healthier, and younger looking.

Andrea’s manicures and pedicures are thoughtfully conducted with professional-grade equipment and polishes all the while adhering to the utmost sanitary conditions. Andrea is a master at acrylic nails! If you prefer a pink and white, also known as a french look nails, Andrea’s skills in application are second to none. She also has a full array of polish colors to choose from if you prefer color. Whether you like square, almond, short, long, stiletto or coffin shape nails, Andrea does them all to perfection. She uses the best quality acrylics and polishes so your hands and feet look their best all year long. Contact Us today!